Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by the term ‘confidential’?

Everything that you say to me in a counselling session is confidential. This means that whatever you tell me is in complete confidence and I will not share it with another person. However, there are certain restrictions on confidentiality where I am bound by certain factors to report that information. If I feel that your life or the life of another is at risk of harm I will have to share that information with another person. If I feel the need to do this, I will explore this with you before I have to report. Other times when I must break confidentiality include when I am court ordered to do so. I will discuss the boundaries of counselling at the start of each session with new clients. I will give you space to explore this and clients are free to ask me questions throughout our sessions about the counselling boundaries.

I want to go for counselling but my partner doesn’t. What can I do?

In my experience unless a person is committed to attending the sessions, then it may not be the right time for that person to be in counselling. I often find a ‘ripple effect’ occurs in some relationships. This happens when one person undergoes therapy and experiences emotional and behavioural changes. This can have a positive effect on their partner too. If you would like to start having counselling as an individual, you may wish to decide to ask your partner along to join you in a session when you feel the time is right for both of you.

What can I talk to you about in a session?

The session is your space to talk to me about anything that you want to explore. In other words, you can talk to me about anything.

How many sessions do I need to have?

Ideally, you should aim for an initial six sessions. It can take a few sessions to build up the relationship and rapport between us. Ultimately, you are speaking to a stranger initially, and I know all too well how challenging this can be. Six sessions will allow you to feel more comfortable sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings with me. Some people find they have counselling on and off and only speak to a Counsellor when they have a pertinent issue. Others, like me, feel that counselling is a part of their lives and see it very much as a ‘preventive’ measure and like to speak to someone in a professional capacity on a regular basis.

What is Mindfulness?

For many, Mindfulness is a way of life, rather than the use of techniques. It works very well in a therapeutic setting, along with positive psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help a person to break from over thinking. Put simply, it is about being fully present in the ‘here and now’. Techniques include breathing exercises, meditations, guided visualisations and writing exercises. It can be very powerful for many clients; particularly those who find it too painful to talk about certain experiences.

I can’t always travel into London, is there another way I could access counselling?

As well as face to face counselling, I offer telephone counselling and online counselling. If you are fine with using Skype, I can provide a face to face session using this. I will arrange a time with you, just like face to face and we can talk online. I also provide online instant messaging style counselling through my website on the ‘contact’ page. I feel it is more beneficial to have face to face counselling but I recognise that this isn’t always possible. We can arrange to have a range of different types (i.e. telephone and online) to complement the face to face sessions. This will also help to reduce the fees, if finances are an issue.

How much do sessions cost?

Counselling can help to alleviate some of the stresses many of us are experiencing during these difficult economic times. Our health is our wealth and more importantly, our mental health.

With this in mind, I recognise the need for counselling and feel that finances should not be a barrier to accessing this support. I operate a sliding scale system for people who are experiencing financial difficulties. Talk to me about this when booking an appointment.

My sessions are priced as follows and all sessions are 50 minutes long:

Central London:

Individual – £45                                                                           Couples – £60


Individual – £40                                                                           Couples – £55

Online and telephone counselling - £35

Email me or click Need to Talk to book a session.